Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Dream She Saw

                                                             The Dream She Saw  

A breezy Mumbai evening.
8 pm.

He reached the cafe exactly five minutes before it was eight, just like he did on so many occasions in the past. He anxiously searched for the round table and chairs placed at the far end of the cafe, where he thought he could enjoy his small share of privacy and comfort with her. As a routine ritual, he greeted the cafe owner, placed his usual order for two cups of coffee and placed himself , rather curiously and nervously.

She arrived. They greeted each other. And, their conversations took a dramatic detour as he interrupted her.

" I have been meaning to say this for a while, was not sure how would you respond to it. Still not sure about it. But yes, I want to be with you, share all the wonderful joys and moments that life has for us to offer. I really feel the connection with you and moreover, want to take this along with you, through thick & thin, for months and years to come.I want to share a dream with you and together we will see the dream materializing. All I seek is you and your support in making this life meaningful as well as beautiful."

She never expected this. She smiled. She smiled a little more. Her eyes spoke volumes about how delighted she was feeling about him. About the proposal.

" I think I would love to be a part of your life and make you happy" She responded, much to his delight. He was elated.She was ecstatic. They were happy.

Just when they were stepping out of the cafe, she stopped midway, thanks to a comment that came from across.

" They look such an odd couple. What did she see in him?"
" I did not see anything. I just felt him, and his love for me. If I could see, that would have been all the more wonderful." She replied in a firm yet mellifluous voice.

He was in love with her. She loved him too.
She was blind. But their love had the most beautiful vision one could ever imagine.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Common Threads - The Melody of a Connect

                                                              "Common Threads"


              "People You should follow"

               After having seen such annoying, self-pimping trends on twitter, he was already bored and annoyed. He was about to close the laptop and do something more productive. One tab on right side of the screen said "people you should follow".Without anticipating much,he started checking the suggestions with a poker face. There were celebrities, there were so called twitter celebs and then,there were some users who looked either IIT pass outs or party animals born on the dance floor. 

               What really drew his attention was a profile. It looked identical to him in ways more than one. And, more importantly the profile user was also relatively new. At least looked like one.

Music addict.Foodie.Daydreamer. Blogger - It had all the typical attributes that one usually boasts of on twitter. Everyone these days is a foodie,blogger and DSLR photographer. ( yes, thats the term they use :P). He was almost about to move further when "loves reading biographies" in her bio made him wait for a moment more. He glanced through the bio again, and it looked different this time. He instinctively followed her.

Next day, a notification said she followed him back. 

He looked through the profile again and sent her a message.Her response was normal and cordial.They exchanged pleasantries, ice breaking was far more comfortable and smooth than what both of them had thought of.He was curious to know her more.She was probably and totally unaware about it. 

When you feel like knowing a person,you are always curious about each and every small thing that person likes. He was no exception to this. He was more than curious to know her likes, passions, desires,things that make her happy, food that makes her drool and lots more. She also opened up, layer by layer, unfolding her personality, her mind & her thoughts.Both of them were realizing it's the art that was connecting them stronger with each other. A pure love for art, culture, music, words, feelings, emotions. It's amazing how two almost strangers could just open themselves without inhibitions and share a vibe so heartfelt and genuine. That's what was happening with them. He got to know not only what she liked, but more importantly, what she was- as a woman, as a person. It was a delightful experience knowing someone who could groove to EDM songs over drinks and smoke and at the same time,be so heart-warmingly expressive through her poems. He read half a dozen poems while chatting with her, and, every poem he read, introduced him to a facet of what she was and what her mind wanted.He loved the the way words flowed in her poems.She liked the way he narrated his short stories.

"I like people who write". She said. 

"I could never express in stories what you do in poems. You are magic with words". He complimented back.

In just three days, they bonded over music, art, writing, words,jokes, random talks, favorite drinks & food, crazy smoke tales and lots more. He was cherishing every moment of it, living it fully.Every time he conversed with her over something, he ended up knowing a little more about her, as a woman.Every time she would share something with him,it was either a common interest or something which he had already read in her. 

"I guess I read you well". He said.

"Yes looks like". She acknowledged.

Just when they were engaged and engrossed in their conversation, she read his mind and startled him with her question.

"Will you be writing about this?" Came a straight question, referring to the way they have bonded in just four days with so many common interests.

"I am already on it. Should be complete in a day or two". He surprised her. Secretly, he imagined her smile as well. 

  She asked for the title.He was undecided on that. 

"Name it 'Common Threads'". She expressed. He obliged with pleasure.

" You know there could be a sequel as well, which I would expect from you". He was playful.

"You make me feel important". She responded. 
"You deserve it". He meant what he said. He said what he meant. She deserved it.A blog post,a genuine compliment,and most importantly,they deserve the amazing connect they are sharing.A connect with lots of good vibes and with far more common threads that will skillfully hold them together in days to come. 

P.S. - "You do read me well". She has already confirmed to him. :) 

                                                                                                         To be Continued .......



Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Best of Bollywood in 2014

                     TOP 5 MOVIES OF 2014 - A YEAR DEDICATED TO FRESH STORIES.

Another year has passed by and our love for bollywood movies continues to grow as always. 2014 gave us a good feast of varied subjects, masala romcoms and absolutely mediocre movies those kept the cash counters busy. And, yet, there were a few that stood out for its amazing content at the end of the year.

Here is my pick on 2014's top 5 movies that really signified the change bollywood has marched towards in recent years or so.

1. CityLights - Stark. Heartfelt. Engrossing. "Citylights" showcases the hardships faced by a small town farmer , beautifully played by Rajkumar Rao who steps in the city of dreams only to realize that the city is a lot more than dreams as he crumbles into the world of deceit, betrayals and crime. Hansal Mehta casts his profound impact on story and screenplay and is equally well supported by brilliant acting by the main lead. A must watch for those who love realistic off beat cinema.

2. Queen - Many say that Kangana Ranaut is one of the most underrated actresses we have today in our industry. She certainly proves this with authority while she plays "Rani", an orthodox & under-confident girl from Delhi. The entire movie revolves around Kangana as she transforms from a shy delhi girl to a free-spirited confident woman who explores her freedom, happiness and new friendships on the backdrop of a cancelled marriage. Undoubtedly in the race for the best actress award this season.

P.S. -You will also come across one of the most delightful supporting star cast.


3.Haider - When Vishal Bhardwaj makes a movie, the whole world sits back and makes note of it. This time it was no different as he explored Shakespearean "Hamlet" and presented its Indianized version that revolved around something as sensitive as Kashmir issue and a tale of complex relationships. Though many had their own views on the climax which was reasonably debatable, Shahid Kapoor did absolute justice to the title role and was almost flawless in each frame. We all must have surely understood why they don't make like her anymore when Tabu delivers a heart wrenching climax scene which will go down as one of the best and most realistic death scenes showing a mother-son relationship. A deserving contender for most awards this season including the best film and best actor.             

P.S. - Irfan Khan & KK Menon were a delight in their own capacity.  

4.Highway - Right from the first scene, you come to know this is an Imtiaz Ali film. Unusual start, dramatic events, picturesque locations, effortless acting, slice-of-life moments midst tense drama and above all, Randeep Hooda & Alia Bhatt re-discovering their acting genes in the most amazing manner till date. A movie that holds an absolutely sensitive & burning issue few layers within but eventually leaves the viewer with a wide smile and a sense of having watched something touching, thought-provoking and surreal.

P.S. - Randeep Hooda in emotional scenes was a revelation.


5.Ugly - Anurag Kashyap. A name that needs no introduction when it comes to nerve chilling storytelling and off-the-edge thrillers.With his new offspring "Ugly",he raises the bar to an insurmountable level in thriller genre. The movie is dark, creepy, brutally realistic and hard-hitting that leaves audience stunned at the climax with a lingering effect. Though story and screenplay are  real stars of the movie, it is nothing but impossible to neglect breath taking performances by Rohit Roy, Rahul Bhatt and other actors. A stellar movie that ended the year with a BANG!!!!   

P.S. - Girish Kulkarni ( Inspector Jadhav) is an absolute showstopper!!!


                                                                                                                                                                    Hope you agree or disagree to the above. Feel free to write in your comments and views on the blog or alternatively at !!! Cheers!!!!                                                                                                                                         

Friday, December 19, 2014



It was 09.30 at night. He was done with his daily antiques. Today it was Andheri Station, however, different set of women to tease and harass. It had become a routine for him for last few months. Some sort of evil sadistic pleasure that he derived out of it. With a mind full of varied images of women and their exteriors, he came at the bus stop.

Though it was almost 10, bus stop was fairly crowded, with people from different walks of life returning their homes, with satisfaction or a feeling of continued struggle. Midst all this, he noticed her. A young woman in her early 20s. Young. Woman. Beautiful. The sinister inside him came to its true element. He stared at her long enough for her to realize and make her uncomfortable. He continued staring at her, making some lewd passes and displaying all the evil intentions in the world through his eyes. To his surprise, she also got down with him at the same stop.

He followed her, even more aggressively. She kept brisk walking across roads and bridges before she stopped at the entrance of a building.

He was startled to see a sudden group of women standing across his way. He was taken aback.

"aur chikne....kya kar raha hai..."
" haaye ...yar uski hair style to dekho...ekdum chaawa lag raha hai"
" uski jeans to dekh...jaane kaha kaha se tight ho rahi hai"
" pata nahi aur kya kya hard aur tight hoga"
" chaal to dekho ka hero bhi sharma jaaye"
" sirf chaal hi acchi hai...ya aur kuch bhi hai aajmane jaisa..."

He was shocked. Rather stunned. It was a tight slap from all those women without even touching him or coming anywhere close to him. The attitude, the swagger and the unabashed vulgar remarks he used to pass at random women at station were somehow coming his way one after the other. For a change, he was at the receiving end.

He escaped the place out of a huge embarrassment. Somehow, he could no longer relate to the fact that he is a man. He felt embarrassed and ashamed at his manly attitude and aura that he had used in the worst possible manner all this while. He could not come to terms with the way his sexuality was ridiculed. He could no longer face himself in mirror.

" This is how all those women must have felt when I teased and harassed them with my comments" He pondered and pondered hard over this. It was way too late, but he finally realized what he had been up to. He decided to give it up all. He decided to be a real man. In short, he decided to respect women all his life.

Only if men in India actually understand and practice this, our society will be the best possible place to live.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Lot Like Love....

5.35 PM.

Elevator stopped on the ground floor. He came down straight into the hotel loby, nervously looking for someone. Hotel receptionist greeted him meekly to which he responded half heartedly. He was anxious and excited at the same time. In a city totally unknown with stranger people around, it was bound to be.

Just as he was curiously anticipating someone, He looked across. He could see a vague figure through the thick tinted glass,  coming towards the entrance. He Approached towards the entrance, towards the vague figure.

" Hello" - He greeted with a little more stress on the word and more on the emotion behind it.

" Hi" - Came a gentle reply with a smile and a gaze. They hugged, rather socially.

 " You are surely not as thin as a hanger and your specs are good" - She started the conversation, for he was half in disbelief , half mesmerized with her beauty.

There was something unique about that evening - it was about that anticipation, excitement, insecurity, joy of seeing someone outside a chat window, hearing that person across the table whose voice you have heard, whose voice you have often desired to hug and a collage of all such moments which had suddenly materialized, all at once. She came across amazingly earthy, beautiful and gorgeous to him. He was lost in her gaze, her hair which she had deliberately and craftily adjusted on one side. He could not be sure whether to talk or to listen or to just stare at her - and trying to find words in between.

Over a lot of inquisitive talks and ice breaker moments - came the first real emotion that was waiting to come out loud and clear. He said "I love you". He had said it many times before, yet he was thrilled to say it in real. She, reacted the way she always had - with a smile that would be awarded as social service boon and with a counter confession that melted him further more.
" I want to kiss you right now" - He had no answer to such one liners, at least on that day.

They were never typical with their feelings, emotions and expressions. It was always casual, upfront, at times to the level of being funny to others. But that is how it was, for him , for her. They knew what they shared, they knew what they meant and things around them were ensuring a smooth and free flowing exchange of feelings.

Just when everything was going smooth and steady, there came a moment where they found themselves holding hands, midst the public gaze and glare. and what followed was sheer silence, sheer magic. She kept smiling throughout, with a large beam of happiness accentuating through her eyes. He was silent, rather subdued. He was staring at her, in her eyes, and was loving every single time she would blush with a smile. They often heard of this magical silence, they often spoke about it too. Today was the time for all those words to take a backseat and let silence do all the communication between them. She found her serenity. He found peace in her happiness.

That moment on wards, whatever time they spent together was full of words, talks, touch, warmth, care, passion, ecstasy, erotica, togetherness, lust, belonging, love, insecurities and all the possible emotions that could exist between a man and a woman who feel strongly for each other. She shared her own insecurities, she tested him, she tried drifting him away and apart. He listened, like he did most of the times - silent and unperturbed. He believed in listening and understanding her before reacting to her.

They made love. They never wanted to name it so. but then He always felt calling it love making would be far better than anything else. It was wild, intense, erotic, passionate. With every touch, with every embrace, her insecurities faded away, and so did his anxiety.

Cuddled up under one sheet, with they naked content bodies wrapped around each other ,

" Do you love me?"  She asked.

He looked at her, deep and fierce into her eyes, as if he was reading her mind. He just smiled.

Even more confused, she asked again and was quickly greeted with a kiss on her forehead, cheeks and hands. She hid her face into his chest. He held her close to his heart. They both knew that it was nothing short of a magical silence that had just arrived between them. He had her. She had him. Together they got something a lot like love......

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest Is Not Always History......

             He was a social media addict, like most other Professionals of his age. In a city that gives you so little time to reflect upon life, other than the time you get during traffic jams, having an active virtual world with people in in was not only the current "In" thing but rapidly turning out to be a need for people. a lot of them. and also, for him.

       Her Story was even more dynamic. Her work in a prestigious  firm ensured that she remained busy most of the times other than her lunch breaks and Mandatory ones. Most of her friends were busy uploading either honeymoon pics or baby pics on social sites, making her parents doubly ecstatic and enthusiastic about her Great Indian Wedding Plan.      

        There are times in life where everything is going about its job so rapidly and mechanical, that we often miss out on a lot of things that may have some significance of sorts. And, it was one such day, when He met her. off course in the virtual world.

       He was a techie, yet with a flair for art. She was an artist, with a flair for her work more than anything else. Initially, the only communication happened between them was about random talks, polls, updates and sharing all possible smileys. But the impact was made. More for him. He was curious, eager and looking forward to know her. He was unable to decide whether it was her way of talking, her ambitious and confident aura or HER. The only thing he was sure about that he was looking forward to know her more, and even more. Days passed, the ice was broken and so was the discomfort. He would be the one who would initiate, ask, share - in every possible way, make her smile, make her feel secured and giving a belief that genuine things often start this way, for she was oblivious of a lot of things he had to offer.

Two months down the line, things had changed to a fairly good extent. There were no excess usage of smileys, no discomfort. All he and she shared now was frequent talks, late night talks with each other. Time was slowly and steadily losing its notion during their talks. She was liking it one smile at a time, He was making it happen, one genuine move at a time. During one of their regular chat sessions - They shared what they feel and how they feel. There was no drama, ecstasy, nervous moments. Nothing of what they show in movies. All they could experience was what we simply call as genuine and honest communication with confessions straight from the heart. and That was probably enough, for her, for him, for them.

  He is still in love with her. She smiles every single moment he is around and even when he is not. And, like most other stories and tales, this has not gone anywhere ahead. Because, as they say, The "Rest is not always History....It could also be an ongoing magical phase in one's life where all that really matters is each other's genuine happiness and well being." For him, she was the passion he always desired. For her, he was the rhythm that would synchronize with her mind. Together, they are creating a present to be cherished and a future to be dreamt of!!!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Love, Betrayal & Beyond.

01.30 at night.

He was perplexed, thoughtful, insecure, volatile, restless, recluse. An ocean of intense emotions and feelings was running through his body and mind. As if all of them would come out off his body and ferociously gulp him down.He had no idea what went wrong. Was it the moment, the thought, the very trigger  or was it she????

He stepped out of his room. Opening the door, he mustered all the courage he could and again, he backed out. This had happened many times, and in most of these times, he had conquered it all, he had got her back, he had got her smile back.She was with him. Throughout. But, today, it was something different. Something terribly wrong.

" Sorry Shalini, I don't know why I behave like this. Its not me, its someone else within who comes out with such unacceptable behavior."

There was no response. He knew it. He had committed something irreversible this time. All he was hoping was to get her back, bring the smile back on her face.

" Shalini, things are no longer the way they were 4 years ago, we both know that. We need to give ourselves time, we need space, we need understanding. I am ready to initiate, you would also need to take one step forward. You know Shalini, I am someone who needs to be pushed to do something good, I am like a small kid who needs to be scolded,made understood certain things the hard way. And, if you are not going to be the one doing it, then who else???? Tell me Shalini, who else?????

"Speak Shalini, for God's Sake.!!!!
 Why are you punishing me with your silence. Please Say something, please forgive me. I will be the good,noble man once I used to be. I will be your cool caring boyfriend, mature and loving husband, and most importantly, the best friend you always wanted and hoped for. I am ready to mend my ways, curb my instincts, control my temper, and all the possible things that you would tell me to do. But please do not punish me, with this silence, with this ignorance. Even when you are not saying anything, I can certainly say that you look amazing in this red color, it definitely suits you a lot. and I want you to forgive me and let us start afresh.Please Shalini...............I am crying..begging in front of you...please do something."

He wept. He Wept a little more, was it all over for him??? was she determined not to come back to him again?? was she fed up with this barbaric suffering ??? His mind was pondering over all the thoughts at a rapid rate. And, midst this, there was a doorbell noise that interrupted his thought process.

A group of men barged in.

" Mr.Amit, You are Under Arrest for the murder of your wife Ms.Shalini."